Cold War Crisis on the Railway: Construction of the Berlin Wall

Tomáš Nigrin

In: ROTH, Ralf and JACOLIN, Henri (eds.) Eastern European Railways in Transition: Nineteenth to Twenty-first Centuries. 1 ed. Farnham (London): Ashgate, 2013, p. 233-239. ISBN 978-1-4094-2782-7

Czech Military Railways – History and a Comparative Analysis of the Czech Railway Network’s Efficiency

Martin Kvizda

In: Ralf ROTH and Henri JACOLIN (eds.) Eastern European Railways in Transition - Nineteenth to Twenty-first Centuries. 1. ed. Farnham (London): Ashgate, 2013. p. 99-116, 18 p. Modern Economic and Social History. ISBN 978-1-4094-2782-7

The study analyzes and compares the density of traffic on the Czech railway network. The result of the historical analysis is the finding of several segments...