13th - 15th March 2019, Masaryk Universtiy, Brno, Czech Republic

Main topic: On-track competition in rail passenger services

Aim: The aim of the round table was to bring experience with on-track competition in rail passenger services in different countries of the European Union.

The Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds, Masaryk University and the Journal of Rail Transportation Planning and Management organized roundtable focused on impacts of Introducing On-track Competition in the Passenger Rail Services. The round table was coordinated by Professor Chris Nash, Dr. Phill Wheat and Dr. Zdeněk Tomeš. Following the round table a special issue of the Journal of Railway Transport Planning and Management covering On-track Competition in Passenger Rail Services will be commissioned and edited by the round table coordinators.

Important date:

  • Paper submission open 10th January 2019
  • Paper submission closed 10th Feb 2019
  • Review comments available 5st April 2019
  • Submission of revised papers 31 May 2019
  • Final decision on acceptance (hopefully, but subject to reviews) 30 June 2019
  • Intended publication of papers (hopefully) 15th August 2019
  • The contact address is jandova@econ.muni.cz

Key speakers:

Paolo Beria, Alberto Bertolin, Samuel Tolentino and Gabriele Filippini

Long-distance rail prices in a competitive market. Evidences from head-on competition in Italy
Monika Jandová and Tomáš Paleta Impact of on-track competition on public finances - the case of the Czech Republic
Alexander Stead, Phill Wheat and Andrew Smith Competition for and in the passenger rail market: Comparing open access versus franchised train operators' costs and reliability in Britain
Marcin Król, Jakub Taczanowski, Stefan Jarecki and Arkadiusz Kołoś Landscape after the battle. Post-Interregiocases of low-scale on-track passenger rail competition in Poland
Zdeněk Tomeš and Hana Fitzová Has the incumbent an advantage in open access passenger rail competition? A case study on the Prague–Brno line
Martin Kvizda Open access passenger rail competition in Slovakia –experience from the Bratislava –Košice line
Juan Montero Asymmetric regulation for on-track competition in European railways?
Lorenzo Casullo and Luca Bellodi Parallel Tracks: The Impact of Independent Regulators on Open-access Competition in the Railways
Mirjana Bugarinović and Branislav Bošković PSO contract management vs. on-track competition in the passenger rail services
Martin Smoliner System train path as key to efficient infrastructure usage for on-track competition in ITF-regimes

Final presentation with timetable is available here.

Photos from the event: here.