The Institute for Transport Economics, Geography and Policy (ITREGEP) is a common interdisciplinary research group of Masaryk University (Brno) and Charles University (Prague). Our mission is to develop understanding of economic, spatial and social functions of transport, develop skills, methods and best practices for transport policy and to be a mediator between transport professional experts and decision-makers.

Main research topics:

  • analysis and modelling of demand in the transport services,
  • analysis of transport services in the region,
  • socio-economic analysis of regional transport and analysis of transport services’ accessibility,
  • optimizing of procurement of public transport services,
  • analysis of the efficiency and cost structure of companies in the transport sector,
  • cost-benefit analysis of infrastructure projects,
  • analysis of concentration and competition in the transport sector,
  • critical review of transport policies and strategic documents and the implementation of European legislation in the public transport sector,
  • socio-economic and comparative analysis of transport
  • systems and transport planning.

Management of the Institute:

People on Institute

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